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Guardian Homes

every dog deserves to have a loving, forever home

Guardian Homes A guardian arrangement is an agreement wherein a breeding dog lives full-time with a family as their family pet but still belongs to the breeder until the contract is fulfilled completely. The contract is usually for five successful breedings (two or more viable puppies constitute a successful breeding) after which ownership of dog transfers from the breeder to the guardian. Nominal guardianship deposit will be required from Guardian. Guardian will receive partial reimbursement after each successful litter. After five successful litters, guardian dog effectively becomes FREE to the Guardian as full deposit will have been completely reimbursed.

When it is time to breed (i.e. when a female comes into heat), she goes back to the breeder to be bred (3-5 days); and then again when it is time for the puppies to be born. After the pups are weaned (~ 6 weeks), she goes back to the guardian home. The breeder pays for all costs involved in the breeding (ultrasounds, sonograms, etc.). The Guardian pays all costs involved with good daily care of the dog. This includes any vet costs after the guardian takes custody of the dog, food, leashes, beds, crates, etc. 

After five successful breedings, the Guardian becomes the permanent owner. ADVANTAGES: The Guardian gets a highly desired, expensive dog to love and live with for FREE after fulfilling guardian home contract. The Breeder gives each of their dogs a greater chance of individual attention than they would living with multiple dogs. DISADVANTAGES: The Guardian will have their family pet gone for periods of time when it’s time to breed and when its time for the puppies to be born. NOTE: The Guardian may visit their family pet while at the breeder and watch her puppies grow.

Both parties sign an agreement which is mutually binding. The Guardian promises to provide a kind, loving and safe home. They also promise to keep in communication with the Breeder, immediately advise Breeder at the first sign of bleeding (dog in heat), and make the dog available when it is time to breed. If there is any indication the dog is not being treated kindly, the agreement will become void and the dog will be returned to the breeder immediately. The Guardian is not to have the dog spayed or prevent pregnancy in any other way.

If you live in or close to Sacramento , CA, you may want to apply to be a Guardian home. Ideally, that would be within 30 minutes of Sacrament , although we do currently have guardian homes as far as the Bay Area and . The reason we prefer the Guardian to live close is because of pickup/drop off logistics. The female must be picked up and/or dropped off when it is time to be bred, time to have the puppies, etc. She may also need to get an ultrasound at 28 days after breeding and/or an X-ray at 7 weeks. And if she has any medical needs during the pregnancy, it’s always great to be logistically closer to the breeder. It is too difficult to do all of these things if the dog is far away.

Contact us if you wish to ask questions or to apply.